Tools Used

The most important tool used in this study is the Qualtrics survey system, used to gather self-assessment data. Every contestant must pre-register and self-evaluate their confidence levels in the five specified skills (teamwork, proposal writing, technical communication, creative thinking and critical thinking). Qualtrics is used again to gather post-contest self-evaluations for the five skills.

pre-contest self-assessment
View of Qualtrics survey pre-contest self-assessment questions.
post-contest self-assessment
View of Qualtrics survey post-contest self-assessment questions.

Many other tools were used throughout the planning and implantation of this contest. Basecamp was used as a project management tool to keep Experience @ UTA Libraries Planning Committee members on-task. Lots of technology was used in the contest rounds themselves, including laptops, audience-facing displays, whiteboards, a PA system with wireless microphone, streaming video capture technology, and a popcorn machine. Audience members were able to vote using the Poll Everywhere platform.