Fall 2017 Pitch of the Week (POW!) Preliminary Challenge #3, November 16, 2017

Congratulations to The Common Pheasants, winners of the November 16, 2017 Pitch of the Week (POW!) Preliminary Challenge. Team members include Hailey Phillips, a freshman Biology major who minors in Biochemistry, Mehul Jain, a junior Computer Science major who minors in Mathematics, Sameer Ingavale, a senior Business Management major who minors in Entrepreneurship, and Rahul Dwivedi, a sophomore Mathematics major who minors in Business. This week’s randomly drawn prompt was comprised of child care, scanner and bricks. The Common Pheasants pitched IMPRINT, a system for automatically calling roll and tracking children in a day care, using scanners built into the bricks of the walls. The Common Pheasants will advance to the final round of POW! to be held on Thursday, November 30 from noon-1:00 in the UTA FabLab. Each member of the winning team at the final round will receive $50 gift cards.

Also playing today were The Howdy Pilgrims, including Peter Tran, a freshman Nursing major, Raja Raheel Khanzada, a senior Management major, Nadjibu Rusimbi Rusangwa, a sophomore Marketing major, and Steven Walgenbach, a freshman Computer Science major; and The Harvest Moons, including Suehyun Lee, a junior Nursing major, Anuj Saxena, a sophomore Accounting and Information Systems major, and Karam Khalil, a senior Operations Management major. Each of these competitors get a $10 gift card just for playing!

I want to thank our volunteer judges: Doug Garner, Head Coach of UTA’s Movin’ Mavs, Leni Matthews, UTA Libraries’ User Experience Librarian, and Katie Musick Peery, Director of the UTA FabLab; and of course, thanks to our wonderful emcee, Tessa White, for making this event amazing!

Please join us again on Thursday, November 30th, for the Final Round of POW! for Fall 2017, where the winning teams from each of our preliminary rounds will face off for the grand prize! Come on out and join us, or tune into the Facebook Live stream!

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