Fall 2017 Pitch of the Week (POW!) Preliminary Challenge #2, November 9, 2017

Congratulations to The Fearless Scarecrows, winners of the November 9, 2017 Pitch of the Week (POW!) Preliminary Challenge. Team members include Divyanshu Sharma, a junior Computer Science major who minors in Mathematics, Whitney Adindu, a sophomore Nursing major, and Subrat Parajuli, a sophomore Electrical Engineering major who minors in Sustainable Engineering. This week’s randomly drawn prompt was comprised of Dance, Arduino and glass shards. The Fearless Scarecrows pitched their Automated Dance Academy. The Fearless Scarecrows will advance to the final round of POW! to be held on Thursday, November 30 from noon-1:00 in the UTA FabLab. Each member of the winning team at the final round will receive $50 gift cards.

Also playing today were The Bobbing Apples, including Elleena Heidelberg, a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major, Frances Lewis, a senior Biology major who minors in Psychology, and Aliasger Mhowwala, a sophomore Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering major; and The Headless Horsemen, including Sakshi Nag, a junior Computer Science major, Anuj Saxena, a sophomore Accounting and Information Systems major, and Esha Shah, a sophomore Computer Engineering major. Each of these competitors get a $10 gift card just for playing!

I want to thank our volunteer judges: Koffi Selom Egbeto, Licensing Associate at UTA’s Office of Technology Management, Jeff Severs, Chief Operating Officer of Exceleron Software, and Hayden Blackburn, Assistant Director of TECH Fort Worth; and of course, thanks to our wonderful emcee, Tessa White, for making this event amazing!

Preliminary round #3 will be held next Thursday, November 16, also from noon-1:00 in the UTA FabLab. Come on out and join us, or tune into the Facebook Live stream!

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